Lisa Schmelzkopf, An International Industry Expert and Trainer

Lisa Schmelzkopf, An International Industry Expert and Trainer

Lisa Schmelzkopf is the owner and director of SC Organics, a cosmetic wholesaler based in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia proudly distributes Centella and Hydraflore. With over 25+ years of experience in helping build day spas, skin clinics, and salons all around Australia, she has the knowledge and expertise to increase a salon’s turnover by 75% in just the first year.

She’s an international award-winning industry expert who tailors and handcrafts all of her Certified Organic, Medical Grade, and Results-Driven treatments that are safe for all skin types, and skin conditions. From start to finish, she ensures each client experiences a high-end and luxurious day spa experience by helping them achieve their skin goals and needs as a result.

Passionate about skin and a true nurturer by heart, she ensures her dynamic and exclusive team of stockists are fully equipped with the knowledge, education, and skillset to achieve transformational results for every single client.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, Lisa Schmelzkopf is touching down in Singapore for a 2-day workshop to help further educate you in her tailored treatments and facials to deliver outstanding results for your clients. She is ready to pass on her 25+ years of experience with you in becoming an industry expert of your own. She is passionate about helping you grow as a skin therapist and wants to teach you in-person on the techniques, routine, and process of a beautifully, handcrafted, relaxing facial treatment.  

Day 1 Workshop

The first day of this exclusive Singapore workshop is a chance to connect and network with successful Australian facialist trainer from SC Organics, Lisa Schmelzkopf. It’s an opportunity for you to personally meet and greet with an internationally award-winning industry expert.

This initial day is jam-packed full of educational support and knowledge to learn the true insights of Centella, a Certified Organic, Results-Driven, and Medical Grade skincare brand that guarantees results after just one treatment.

Learn how natural, active Certified Organic ingredients can help change the skin for the better, and how it’s accessible for all skin types, and all skin conditions. Experience how these ingredients can help plump fine lines and wrinkles, soothe irritated skin, and replenish and hydrate dehydrated skin.

Unpack the entire Centella and Hydraflore range and see the different skincare lines for yourself. We have various dedicated skincare lines that include: Hydraflore for sensitive skin and expecting mum’s,  Hydration+ for dehydrated skin, Stem Cell for sun-damaged and pigmented skin, Lift for menopausal and ageing skin, Acne and Scarring for clogged pores, uneven skin tones and breakouts and Body for weight loss, stretchmarks and cellulite.

Day 2 Workshop

Then, the second day is a hands-on experience exploring our highly popular hand-crafted Hydration+ and Facial Cupping Treatment that our stockists use daily. Learn the techniques, the process and the step-by-step formula of Certified Organic ingredients with an industry expert directly by your side.

An individualised and personalised training opportunity to learn from Lisa Schmelzkopf in helping to deliver an anti-ageing, sculpting, and strengthening facial treatment with facial cupping methods.

Our faces are exposed to external aggressors on a daily basis. Pollution, sun, and temperature changes damage the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Our Hydration+ Facial Treatment delivers high-performance active ingredients, and ultra-concentrated Hyaluronic Acid combining 3 chains of Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weights to target several layers of the skin. This treatment is formulated to hydrate, calm, and firm the skin. Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties protect the skin. Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica extract, boost the skin’s moisture levels.

Facial cupping is a technique that helps lift facial tissue, helping to increase lymphatic drainage, and eliminate toxins, cellular waste, and excess fluid. This treatment aids in increasing blood flow and oxygen as well as encouraging the delivery system of facial products. Together, the Hydration+ and Facial Cupping treatment reduces puffiness, sculpts, and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

Interested to learn more about Lisa's internationally-recognised Hydration+ and Facial Cupping Therapy Facial Treatment? Enquire today, we'd love to give you more information.

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