Liverpool-Based Skin Clinic, Lana’s Beauty Announced Best Centella Clinic of 2023 At Centella Cocktail Party & Awards Night

Liverpool-Based Skin Clinic, Lana’s Beauty Announced Best Centella Clinic of 2023 At Centella Cocktail Party & Awards Night

SC Organics, a female-led cosmetic skincare wholesaler that specialises in Certified Organic, Results-Driven, and Medical Grade skincare and treatments. With over 10+ years in trading to local stockists all around Australia, they’re committed to growing a united Successful Community of skin therapists, salon owners, and skincare enthusiasts.

Their values in delivering exceptional results through sustainable skincare and treatments shine through their exclusive, hand-picked group of stockists who are equally committed and passionate to achieve lasting skin transformations and results using Certified Organic ingredients.

Unlike any other skincare wholesaler, they don’t just simply sell products. Instead, they have a nurtured, holistic approach, much like a fellow skin therapist. SC Organics is a committed team of experts that help guide, mentor, educate, encourage, and build an equally-committed team of stockists to ultimately become their own experts.

To truly transform SC Organics’ main philosophy to collaborate instead of compete, they hosted the Centella Cocktail Party and Awards Night for 2023 on Monday, 28th August in Five Docks, NSW.

One of the highly-anticipated awards that was announced on the night was the renowned title of Best Centella Clinic 2023. The finalists of this award were dedicated salons and clinics who are committed to showing excellence in prescribing Centella home care solutions, looking after their clients’ needs, and achieving Centella skin and body results.

The finalists of this award had to carefully submit a written submission as to why they should win this award, explaining what makes them different from other clinics and to back their success with supporting before and after images to prove their results-driven.

Lana’s Beauty, a Liverpool-based skin clinic was announced the Best Centella Clinic 2023.

Lana’s Beauty includes a dynamic duo of owner and skin therapist, Lana and fellow skin therapist, Mays who both share the same confidence and knowledge on how to achieve their clients’ skin goals.

Both skin therapists exceed retail sales, and ensure their client’s are equipped with a full skincare routine and regime rather than just one product.

They are dedicated through following the skincare journey of all their clients, new and existing, ensuring that they both stay committed to training within their Certified Organic skincare treatments.

We congratulate both Lana and Mays from Lana’s Beauty for their continued hard work and dedication as the Best Centella Clinic for 2023.

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