SC Organics Are Proud To Invest In Our Stockists

SC Organics Are Proud To Invest In Our Stockists

Have you heard of SC Organics yet? Or have you heard about Centella and Hydraflore, Certified Organic, Results-Driven, and Medical Grade skincare that is changing the skin industry for the better?

Let us formally introduce you to SC Organics, the cosmetic wholesalers who put our stockists first.

We simply don’t invest in our online presence, we invest in the quality and bettering of our stockists because we care about their skillset, knowledge, and expertise. We want them to grow, and by helping them grow, we grow with them.

SC Organics is a small, local family business located in the heart of Brompton, South Australia and is formally led and educated by Lisa Schmelzkopf. Lisa is a renown international and award-winning industry expert with over 25+ years in helping build day spas, skin clinics, and salons from around Australia.

We’re dedicated to be an exclusive-based cosmetic wholesaler, hand-picking our stockists to ensure they are far enough away from each other so that they’re not competing. We’re a community, not competitors. All of our stockists network and mingle with each other, and build strength within enhancing each other’s confidence levels as a result.

We are 100% focused on being a results-driven skincare brand using Centella and Hydraflore which are both Certified Organic, Results-Driven and Medical Grade skincare treatments and solutions. Our hand-crafted treatments are precisely tested and trialled in-house to ensure you will achieve lasting results. Our treatments are products are safe to use for all skin types, and skin conditions due to the natural, active ingredients contained inside them.

We use ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and practices where we are proud to be EcoCert, Cosmébio, and Fair for Life certified. Our skincare products are 100% Vegan friendly and Animal Cruelty Free.

We offer our stockists on-the-spot direct communication and support whenever and wherever with owner, director, and educator, Lisa Schmelzkopf.

We ultimately help create lifelong partnerships by educating, nurturing, and mentoring our stockists. Instead of investing money into our online presence, we choose to invest this money within the growth of our stockists to provide them ongoing support, guidance, and commitment to supplying in-house promotions, training and any other tools they need to focus on skin and business.

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