The Adelaide Female-Led Organisation Who’s Shaking Up The Skincare Industry, Connecting Skin Therapists Rather Than Competing Against Each Other

The Adelaide Female-Led Organisation Who’s Shaking Up The Skincare Industry, Connecting Skin Therapists Rather Than Competing Against Each Other

Have you heard of SC Organics? Formally known as Schmelzkopf Cosmetics, we’re a highly renowned Australian cosmetic skincare wholesaler that specialises in Certified Organic, Results-Driven, and Medical Grade skincare and treatments.

A female-led small business with over 10+ years in trading to local stockists all around Australia, we’re committed to growing a united Successful Community of skin therapists, salon owners, and skincare enthusiasts.

Lisa Schmelzkopf, owner, director and educator of SC Organics is an international industry expert with over 25+ years experience in helping build day spas, skin clinics, and salons around Australia, France, and Singapore.

We’re not like any other skincare wholesaler, we simply don’t just sell products. Instead, we have a nurtured, holistic approach. As a committed team of experts, we guide, mentor, educate, encourage, and build our team of stockists to ultimately become their own experts.

We’re committed to equipping them with the knowledge, expertise, and resources to fully evolve and transform their salon business from satisfactory to successful in a matter of months. Doing so, we hold regular workshops and trainings covering skin-related topics, treatment techniques, and general business learning and resources to supply the required knowledge to our stockists.

One of our main philosophies is to collaborate instead of compete, meaning that our stockists are exclusively hand-picked. We ensure that each stockist is far enough from each other so that they’re not competing.

We adore having the chance to come together to celebrate our combined success. To mark such a successful year, SC Organics was proud to host the Centella Cocktail Party and Awards Night for 2023 in Five Docks, NSW on Monday, 28th August.

The Centella Cocktail Party and Awards Night was a chance for Lisa Schmelzkopf and her dynamic team of experts to host an incredible night of networking for skin therapists, salon owners, editors, and influencers to come together to celebrate the success of each other whilst meeting new people, expanding their networks.

SC Organics had the opportunity to share a few exciting new additions to their portfolio, ultimately helping their philosophy of supporting stockists. The team announced an 8-week extensive coaching program led by Lisa Schmelzkopf where she is committed to unpacking her 25+ years of first-hand experience to personally increase a salon’s turnover by 75% within this course.

Followed by this, the announcement of an industry-first Centella Click & Collect system was announced with SC Organics driving and directing online sales to their stockists. An easy, conventional way of ordering online will see a growth in retail sales for their stockists.

SC Organics is helping their stockists build their credibility by introducing a ready-to-use SMS tile to encourage clients to leave a review following the completion of their Certified Organic facial.

Committing to providing unlimited resources, SC Organics also shared the exciting announcement of a stockist-only social media calendar, allowing their stockists to have 60 days of highly-trending, ready-to-use social media reels, posts and captions. It takes a matter of 10 seconds for stockists to upload with this convenient, game-changing idea.

Lastly, Lisa Schmelzkopf and her team announced the Best Centella Skin Therapist (Marisa, Time Out Beauty) and Best Centella Clinic (Lana’s Beauty) of 2023.

Interested in learning more about joining the SC Organics community? We'd love to have you! Simply get in touch with us today.

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