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Become an SC Organics stockist and get access to our exclusive range of high-quality skincare products and treatments, competitive pricing, and personalized support.

We're focused on helping support salon owners and skin therapists with the fundamental support, training, and assistance to help increase retail sales, increase daily turnovers, and ultimately help your salons stay busy.

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Certified Organic Skincare

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. We absorb more toxins through our skin than through the food we eat or the air we breathe.

Chemicals that accumulate in our tissues and other organs can literally poison us and cause chronic illness. A build-up in our skin can clog pores, lead to dermatitis and other skin allergies. It can result in the breakdown of collagen and speed up the ageing process.

Ideally, the products we apply to our skin should be free from colouring agents, artificial perfumes, chemical preservatives, glycerine and paraffin

All Centella products and clinic treatments are naturally derived and 95% Certified Organic by the European agencies Ecocert France and Cosmebio Europe, and no product has been tested on animals or contains animal products.

You're Our First Priority, Always.


SC Organics will provide CENTELLA stockists with industry-leading hands on product, therapy, sales, consultation and promotional training.


  • Ongoing in-house training
  • All in-house systems, sales scripts, and procedures
  • Train staff how to undertake initial consultations and how to prescribe products
  • Regular in-house promotions
  • A full range of personalised promotional materials
  • Sales training - how to start the retail selling process before the treatment, how to educate clients in their skin and skincare needs, how to prescribe retail products, and how to close a sale after treatment
  • VIP nights to generate clients
  • Guided promotion of new treatments
  • Regular communication stream for added support
  • Your staff will be trained to perform initial consultations