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Get to Know Centella

Centella is a french-based skincare brand that is exclusive to Australian cosmetic wholesalers, SC Organics who are located in the heart of Brompton, South Australia. Hydraflore are proud to be Certified Organic, Medical Grade and Results-Driven skincare that is safe and accessible for all skin types, and skin conditions.

What is Centella?
It's a tiny plant with the botanical name Centella Asiatica. Extracts have been proven to act directly on the skin cells of the dermis, stimulating elastin & collagen to keep skin firm & healthy. Centella skincare is 95% Certified Organic containing no artificial preservatives, lanoline, paraffin, alcohol, colouring or synthetic perfumes.

Centella Products DO Contain:
🌿 Vegetable oils that are rich in essential fatty acids, to regenerate, hydrate, protect and heal the skin.

🌿 Essential oils that penetrate directly into the lymphatic and blood systems, relieving skin congestion, clogging and acne. The dermis is soothed and strengthened, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aiding in the treatment of eczema.

🌿 Vegetable extracts rich in selected vitamins, promoting and preserving skin thickness.

🌿 Plant/herbal extracts or distillates as a traditional pharmaceutical base to help restructure the skin, reducing wrinkles and slowing the appearance of ageing; with antibacterial properties to purify and fortify the dermis.

Why is Centella So Special?
Extracts have been used traditionally in India for the treatment of leprosy and other skin ulcerations. European studies have proven it's effective on post-operative and trauma scarring. Since 1972, French chemists have been refining high quality concentrations of Centella for use in phytoaromatic skincare products & treatments. More than 50 high-performing Certified Organic skincare products & treatments are available. Applied to the face and body using the latest technology, Centella can help improve your skin function.