What Is Hydraflore?

The Hydraflore Paris Skin and Body line of products are formulated around Wild Rose Oil, artfully crafted with expectant mothers and those with sensitive skin in mind, this line develops clinically tested results for truly radiant, glowing skin.

The Hydraflore line is 95% certified organic and is formulated using the innovative ingredient of Wild Rose Oil which does far more than provide an ultra-luxe scent and feel but rather has shown remarkable
ability to restore balance within the skin. The Hydraflore line itself was developed by mother nature and created primarily to address the needs of mums to be!

The ground-breaking innovations found within the Hydraflore line of products help soothe and strengthen individuals who suffer from increased skin sensitivity and conditions. Those who usually experience unsightly irritation, redness and damage can find comfort in the gentle support of Wild Rose Oil, and other natural ingredients that continue to support the skin rather than strip it of much needed supportive components. Dermal layers are nourished and nurtured, while receiving gentle yet effective solutions to reduce redness, irritation and damage while increasing hydration, increasing cellular rejuvenation and cell turnover.

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